Saturday, January 25, 2014

Watch current Korean movies with English subtitles at the cinema

Update Aug. 2014
I just noticed that the CGV site now has a section devoted to Korean films with English subtitles. Visit here for the "Now Showing" page in English, and click on (duh) "English Subtitles" in the banner menu.


Let's say you're living in Korea, and want to experience the culture by going to the cinema (or theater for you culture-less drones) and watching Korean movies. But of course, you don't speak Korean, and the theater (yes, theater, f*ck you for judging me) websites are a filthy mess of flashing navigation even if you could read Korean. But you know movies are showing with English subtitles along the bottom.
How is the lonely expat to know where to watch these films?
Try one of these:


Frequently check the KOBIZ website ( If a Korean film is playing with English subs, it'll list it here. Sometimes this page is blank (no showings listed) and other times it will randomly spring to life with information, so bookmark it and come back to it now and then.

All in Korean

"Like" this awesome Facebook group "All in Korean: with English subs please" ( fools straight up keep the 411 flowing. Updated way more often than the KOBIZ site.
Or if you are an RSS OG like me, get their page RSS feed here (

And, if you're looking for foreign-language films with Korean subs other than Hollywood crap, I suggest this place.

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