Friday, September 26, 2014

Panda Express now in Korea (in Myeongdong, near Seoul City Hall)

Everyone's favorite Americanized-Chinese food chain, Panda Express, has just opened a branch here in Korea. It's located in the basement of the Lotte Department Store at Euljiro (the really nice one, adjacent to the Lotte Hotel), right between Seoul City Hall and Myeongdong.

It looks like the best place for more info is the Panda Express Korea Facebook page:

At the time of this writing, a search for 판다 익스프레스 on both Google Maps and Naver Maps returns no results, but in the meantime, here's the address and a map of the department store's location:

서울시 중구 을지로 1가 롯데백화점 B1

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Convert between SRT <> SMI subtitles on Ubuntu linux

I have a Korean cable box (from LG U+) with a USB stick input, which is convenient for watching movies but a pain for subtitles because it seems unable to play the common .SRT format. Instead, only subtitles in the SAMI (.SMI) format are supported.

Here's a very simple Ubuntu tool for converting between the two. It uses the command line, but wait wait don't go! It's super simple.

First, install libsubtitles-perl by running:

$ sudo apt-get install libsubtitles-perl

Next, navigate to the directory your subtitle file is in, then use one of these two commands to convert:

$ subs -c srt filename.smi -o

$ subs -c smi -o filename.smi

And that's it!


Also, if you're (in Korea and) looking for subtitle converters with a GUI, I suggest "Subtitle Editor" because neither Gaupol nor Gnome Subtitles can save into the SAMI format.

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Friday, September 5, 2014

KakaoTalk's new Kakao Blog RSS feed

Kakao has launched a new blog, highlighting new services and some corporate info. You can follow the blog via email, but also through RSS or ATOM, though these links are not listed prominently on the blog site itself.

RSS is such a great technology. It's a shame that sites don't publicize it more. I agree with The Old Reader blog that "It's the background hum of the Internet."

** UPDATE 2015:
Following the merger of Kakao and Daum, you can now find the Kakao blog at:
and the RSS feed at:

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