Friday, September 4, 2015

Posts from Dokdo

A couple months ago I played around with an IFTTT recipe to push public Instagram photos and tweets to a Tumblr blog if they were geotagged at Dokdo. Hey we all have our own ideas about "fun" on a 불금. Anyway it worked. Behold.

Here's what I wrote over there after the ~100th post:

This blog has reached over 100 posts already. I only started this silly project a month or two ago. It turns out people visit Dokdo a lot more than I thought.
This blog is basically just an IFTTT recipe that looks for geo-tagged Twitter or Instagram posts coming from within a couple of miles of Dokdo, and feeds them back here. I was curious for a way to see more-or-less “real time” posts from people visiting Dokdo. One of the reasons for this curiosity was to see how Koreans or Japanese might differently tag or talk about the disputed islands. The recipe, after all, isn’t searching for “#Dokdo” or “#Takeshima”, but neutral geo-coordinates.
These people were very likely really there when making these posts. They are not posts about Dokdo. They are posts from Dokdo.
That leads to an apparent fact that we can gather from looking back at these 100 posts. Almost no foreigners are visiting Dokdo. Or if they are, they aren’t posting about it while there. Nearly every one of the last 100 posts has been from Koreans.
Visitors to Dokdo are also clearly not a tweeting bunch. Insta dominates the islets.
So subscribe, sit back, and enjoy all the lovely, beautiful photos, live from the lonely islands.
And don’t forget, don’t you ever forget: 독도는 우리땅
 #독도는우리땅 #독도 #dokdo

Boy, I need to get a life. Anyway if you're curious, like I was, about just who is actually visiting Dokdo and what they're up to there, click on over to "Posts from Dokdo" and imagine the sounds of the sea against the lonely rocks.

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