Saturday, September 5, 2015

The K-Minute on Kakao

For readers who are fans of K-pop, you might be interested in this. Daum Kakao (well, just Kakao now) have launched an English language K-pop/K-fashion/K-culture blog, that is delivered through your KakaoTalk messenger. It's called The K-Minute and you can add them to your Kakao by searching @thekminute in your"Plus Friend" section. You can even get some free emoticons when you subscribe. Here's how Daum-Kakao introduces it:

For those craving the best of what’s trending in Korean pop culture, The K-Minute offers a daily fix.
Add The K-Minute on Plus Friend to stay in touch with K-pop, K-fashion, K-beauty, food trends, humor and viral stories that are hot right now! The K-Minute offers interactive news and content that’s accessible straight from KakaoTalk, so there’s no need to search for news or scroll social media timelines to discover what’s trending.[Daum Kakao blog]

What's interesting to me is that you can get the feeds* for Plus Friends on the web. For example, The K-Minute "plus friend" is really just this site here:

Which really, is just a feed of their content from their mobile blog hosted here:

As with all new sources of media content, I'm disappointed that RSS syndication is not provided. Yet another walled garden we'd need to join to stay "with it".

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