KAIST students biggest night owls, says Dropbox

So Dropbox apparently crunched the numbers to see which university's students are working on their Dropbox documents latest at night. The Asian winner? KAIST. Relevant parts:

By looking at all universities with students using Dropbox late on weeknights — between 10:00 pm and 4:00 am in the school’s local time — we identified the top 5 universities in every region getting work done in the wee hours.
 - Asia: Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology (South Korea)
[University Insights: Night owls and social butterflies | | Dropbox Blog]

Who knows if they're really doing work or not, of course. Tip for KAIST students: if you're not already, you really ought to be saving your "19 movies" in Dropbox and sharing with friends via shared folders. Good way to keep Hyeong's* eyes a bit more in the dark.

In my experience, Dropbox does seem fairly recognized and utilized here, more so than other foreign services that are more common back home. I see a good amount of Naver N-Drive utilization also, though for me 9 times out of 10 it's in the form of extra-large e-mail attachments being automatically stored for 30 days on N-Drive, sort of how G-mail will store your e-mail attachment on Google Drive if it's too large for G-mail's defaults. Of course, even with all the high speed internet access here, just passing around USB memory sticks is still surprisingly popular. Sometimes simplicity is best.

Also see my post about KAIST, and Korea generally, being #1 in terms of Dropbox syncing.

* I say we start using "Hyeong" (형) to refer to the NIS, aka Korea's "Big Brother." Get it? Sorry, it's late.