Is Seth's Blog right about how to promote feed reading?

I've seen a lot of buzz lately from blog nerds about the post [Seth's Blog: Read more blogs] over on Seth Godin's blog (anybody think he looks like the guy from Eat Your Kimchi?). Totally agree with him about the merits of RSS and how Google/Facebook don't want you using it. I especially like this line:
RSS still works. It's still free. It's still unfiltered, uncensored and spam-free.

Of course he can promote his love of Feedly as a feed reader. Like I said before, they've a good app that has done a lot for keeping blogs alive.

But I can't help feeling like he really undermines himself, doing just what I said would happen here:

RSS is inherently open and usable by any feed reader, anytime, anywhere. Consolidating control over the platform, as in encouraging publishers to add Feedly-specific content or features, even adding "Subscribe in Feedly" buttons (presuming they are placed in-lieu of normal RSS feed subscription links) is dangerous. It may allow Feedly to give a better experience to their customers, but only to their customers.

Now I'm not crazy, and I know he actually maintains links to multiple feed readers running his pure RSS feed. It just makes me nervous for where we're headed, and here's another high-profile guy pushing it forward. I'm not anti-Feedly. I'm just a guy who loves RSS as much as Seth and who hopes it stays as open and widespread as possible. Again, that openness is why companies like Feedly and Inoreader could thrive after the murder of Google Reader.

Recommend your favorite feed reader app, and recommend your feed, but the moment they become one-and-the-same is the moment another potential Twitter/Facebook is born.

But what do I know? I'm just some joker on Blogspot. Blogspot. So whatever. Follow me in Feedly if it suits you. Or in Inoreader. Or plain old-fashioned Feedburner RSS. Or don't.

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