Sunday, August 28, 2016

Embed Naver V videos in your blog or website

A reader asked me how she could embed Naver V videos in her personal blog. Basically, it's possible, but the result is a little clumsy or awkward. I'll show you some examples now, using the video
BLACKPINK - '휘파람'(WHISTLE). The nice thing about this method is that you only need the 5-digit number in the URL address of the video, which in this case is 12168 from the link []

What your embeded video will (hopefully) look like

Now, it's difficult to embed just the video file (see the end of this post), but the pages the videos load on are simple, so if you really want to embed the video, you can take the easy way, and just embed the whole page using the IFRAME tag. 

Embed the full-page video

You can embed the full page, size-adjusted so that just the video area is visible, and target it to load at the position of the video.

Here's the code. You only need to change the 5-digit number:
<iframe align="center" height="500px" scrolling="no" src="" width="880px"></iframe>

And here's the resulting embedded video. You might need to click it to play:

Now that looks great, but it's probably way too big. Sadly, Naver V's video pages are not responsive to browser window size, which means I can't easily resize the video player.

So the best alternative is use a video player that's already smaller by default: the mobile site.

Embed the smaller 'mobile' page video

Aside from being probably too big, the full-size embed might load slowly, especially if you're embedding multiple videos. So overall, I think a better option for a blog is to embed the mobile site page. If you size it right, it can look very clean and nice, including the artist/title and etc. I recommend this method.

Here's the code:
<iframe align="center" height="400px" scrolling="no" src="" width="300px"></iframe>

And here's the result:

Not bad, right? A better size would be to make the height 350px, but then part of the info box will be hidden if you get the "Install Naver V!" message pop-up. It's a trade off I think: 400px fits the pop-up and keeps the video looking good; but if the pop-up doesn't show, you get some extra related-video page portion visible. Play with it and see what works best for you. 

Why embed the whole page?

You may notice that we are embedding the entire V page, not just the video. This is a lazy shortcut, because Naver V's videos are not easy to embed. Naver does not provide any simple, official embed code like YouTube does. I tried extracting the raw code for the videos and modifying it, but always I got stuck with expiring video tokens (I bet modifying the rmcPlayer argument could fix this, but my trials-and-errors didn't find a solution) In other words, you can embed just the video file, but it will only work for about 24 hours. After that you'd need to refresh the Naver V page and generate a new code. Embedding the page and focusing on a portion of it (like I've done here) solves that issue. So although it's not perfect, this is the most simple and easy method I can think of.

But I know many of you are smarter than me. I'm not an expert at this stuff. I'm sure there's a better solution to embed just the video content and have it endure longer, but I don't know it. Like I said, I tried various edits of the code, but they'd either return errors or expire. If anyone can figure out a better way, let me know! You can also try playing with the sizes and zoom levels, which might get you more appropriate size options.

Places to embed the code

Here are some places I tried out:

  • Blogger of course works fine, as you can see above. 
  • Wordpress users, I'm sorry but this may not work for you. Wordpress limits the type of content you can embed, unless you are self-hosted or a VIP member
  • Tumblr users, the code works, but if you use the full-size code, your Tumblr template may cut off the side. Use the mobile one in that case (it looks better anyway). To add it to your Tumblr, make a new "Video" post, choose "Add video from the web", and paste the code there. It will appear as "Watch on (your blog)..." in your dashboard but the video will play on your actual blog page.

Have fun spreading that K-pop love.

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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Subacca (수박가)

We're in 말복 now, and that means summer is coming to an end. But it's still hot as all get outside, so let's take a comedy break and help cool our spirits.

First, here's the result of a conversation I was having with a friend. Honestly I was farting around on the computer this afternoon and not paying attention to him. He was saying something about how the watermelons haven't been good lately, but since I was only maybe a quarter paying attention to him, when he said "subak" (watermelon) my mind heard "Chewbak" and I spent maybe a good absent minded 5 minutes half thinking he's talking about Chewbacca.

So I spent the rest of my evening today (don't tell the boss) half-assed working on this.

Yep, this is what I did on a Friday evening. I need a better hobby. Or need to get laid. I wonder if Chewbacca Mask Lady is up...

And here's a bonus for you:

With how hot this summer has been, make sure you know the difference. You don't want to be meaning to ask for the air con turned on and end up getting Con Air turned on. Actually both would be pretty nice right now. Great movie.

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Monday, August 15, 2016

Download Naver "V" videos on Android and iOS

Naver "V"

Many readers have asked me how they can download the videos from Naver's V Live app on their phones. I've already gone over a few ways of downloading the videos on your computer. But here are two convenient ways to do it right from your phones.

Android - use "Stellar Browser"

On Android, use an app called "Stellar Browser." This is actually useful for downloading videos from many sites, and the author recently added Naver "V" to its arsenal. Here's how it works:

Using Stellar Browser

Open the app, and click the "V" to go directly to the V live homepage, or you can just visit the page manually. 

You obviously cannot download live videos, but once the broadcast is finished, you can download. 

Go ahead and find that dreamy new EXO video. 

Press the green "high quality" version button. The orange download arrow will appear at the bottom of the Stellar browser. Press it!

Swipe right in the browser to see the list of your downloaded videos. 

Downloading Stellar Browser

Because this browser can download videos from various sites (most importantly, from YouTube), Google does not allow it in the Play Store.

However, it is available in various other app stores:

Stellar Browser is available in multiple languages, including: Thai, Indonesian, Turkish, Korean, Hindi, Russian, Arabic, Japanese, French, Chinese, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese.

Special credit to 세바스찬 from whose blog post I've taken and translated the information:
Future belongs to those who prepare for it today : 네이버 블로그

iOS - use "Documents 5"

I don't have an iOS device, so I can't test this method, but I'll share it here anyway. This tip comes from reader Ren Mtz, who wrote this comment:

For anyone who wants to download V App videos using you IOS device:
  • Open the app and click on the tab in the bottom right
  • Go to
  • And paste the V App link as usual and continue the same steps to download
  • Open the in app 'Downloads' folder and drag everything to 'iTunes Files'
  • Connect your iPhone to your computer and iTunes, under apps, you can save your videos on your computer

Unfortunately you have to keep the app open and your phone unlocked, so what I do is download a bunch of videos overnight to watch later

I also use when I'm downloading YouTube videos. It's the same concept, copy/paste/download

Hope this helps~ ^^

Like I said, I can't verify this method, but it's worth a try.

Good luck, and happy watching.

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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Use "Polaris Office" to edit Hangul (HWP) files

Here's another free and easy way to open Hangul (.hwp) documents. I've already highlighted several ways of working with HWP files, but this one has the added bonus of letting you fully edit, print, or convert them too.

You may already know Polaris Office as an app that came pre-installed on your Samsung phone. It works pretty good for opening any documents on your phone or tablet, including HWP files. But it turns out that Polaris Office offers an entire free downloadable office program that lets you fully edit, print, and convert .hwp files, with all menus and options in English. It has a nice smooth 2016 MS Word sort of style to it that makes it very easy and fluid to use and navigate from the very first time. So let's take a look.

Download Polaris Office

Just go to the Polaris Office download page to download the .exe installer:

Polaris Office download page

The installer is a stub, so when you run it, it will need to connect to the internet to download the actual installation files. 

Once that's done, you can fire it up. 

Create a New Document

Polaris Office "New Document" dialog

To be clear, the program is limited in the same way that Netffice 24 was: although you can open and edit HWP files, it seems you can't create one from scratch. Polaris Office only lets you create blank Microsoft (.doc etc.) files. But you can always just take any old HWP file, open it, delete everything in it, and "Save As..." as a new HWP file. 

By the way, if you're having a hard time figuring out just how to create a new document to begin with, check the program's tray icon in your Windows toolbar. Right-click and you'll get a big orange Plus button for that. 

Open and Edit an .HWP document

Polaris Office editor environment

Here's an HWP document I created on real Hangul Office. After installing Polaris Office I was able to just right-click on the document and "Open with..." Polaris. Here you can see the editor in full. The look is very modern, smooth, and of course in English (there is a variety of language options when you download the .exe). 

Although the program is free, it's fully featured. Very nice alternative to the headaches of trying to convert the file. 

Save / Export a file as .HWP

Polaris Office file Export dialog

Here's the Export dialog box. If you choose Save or Save As, you'll only be given the option to save in the document's current format (fine for us, since we opened an HWP anyway) or as a .doc, Open Office .odt, or even .pdf in my case (strange since PDF export is a "premium" feature in this dialog). 

Polaris Cloud Storage

All this will let you open/edit/print the document, no problem. But although it works fine as a standalone app, Polaris Office is clearly wanting you to use their free online cloud storage for your documents. You don't have to, but just be aware that it will prompt you and urge you to save everything there.

If you want to use their cloud storage, they also have a Dropbox-like folder sync app to automatically keep your documents synced there and with your smartphone Polaris app. 

One odd thing though is the apparent limit on the storage:

Polaris Office web viewer

Really? 60MB of cloud storage? I quit Dropbox due to their miserly 5GB limit. I can't even fathom how much 60MB is anymore, it's so little. And a Monthly Allowance reset? I don't really know what they mean by this, and frankly I don't care. Don't bother. Just connect your current cloud storage (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc) to Polaris in the web settings, and problem avoided. 

Polaris Online Viewer

If you purely just want to view an HWP file, you don't need to download the software. Once you create your account and log-in, you can upload the file to your cloud storage from the browser, and view the file in their online viewer. 

As you can see, there seems to be no editing features here, which is a big departure from the (basic but usable) online editing features of Netffice 24. Polaris seems to want you to do all actual editing in their downloadable app. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, I think this is a very decent, totally free program. It has most of the features you expect and can be a great free alternative for working with HWP files. Here are a few final considerations:

  • You'll need an account on Polaris, but all it took to register was an Email address verification or a Social (Facebook, G+) login. 
  • The Polaris Office program is set to start-up when Windows starts up, which I find an annoying waste of resources. I'm not going to be using this everyday. Luckily you can disable its auto-run in the settings (from its Windows toolbar area icon). 
  • I felt that it has a non-Windows-native feel to it. The design and execution feel like it doesn't quite fit it; it's got that look/feel to it like Java-based apps.  

But overall, for the price (free), it's a great tool for your toolbox. Once again, that download page:

With so many free ways of working with Hangul files these days, it's funny to remember back when it was such a pain. Be sure to see my other posts about opening HWP files for other methods. 

Thanks for reading. 

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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Naver Translator app "papago" (네이버 파파고) screenshots and review

Naver has released their own real-time Korean translation app "papago", which is visually similar to Google Translate but has better Korean visual recognition. This will likely be very handy for visitors to the upcoming PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics, or just any tourists visiting Korea, or even newbie English teachers who can't figure out how to turn on their hot water.

The app currently translates between Korean and Japanese, Chinese, and English. I've got to say, I have been impressed after using it for a few days. It is very minimalist, simplistic, includes full English menus, and is lightweight and responsive. If you're one of those "Naver sucks" types, give this app a chance for yourself. It really won me over. Let's take a look.

Naver papago (네이버 파파고)

Naver "papago" Official Features Post

Let's start with the official features. I was reading through a Naver Post about the app, and thought the information there might be good for everybody. So I'll run through the features that that post highlights real quick.

1:1 Conversation Mode

Split the screen for a conversation mode where each person can take turns talking and it will translate their speech on the fly. Google Translate also has this feature.

Image Translation (OCR)

Take a photo and papago can pull out the text (after you highlight it with your finger) and translate it. Google has this feature too, but it's pretty terrible at recognizing Korean text. papago works much better at this. Scroll way down for a real life example I did.

Word Sense Disambiguation

This is pretty cool. To help prevent mis-translations, it will ask you to verify certain words that might have more than one meaning. For example, in the picture below, the Korean word 차 was interpreted as "car" but it could also mean "tea."
If a word could have multiple translations, the word will appear underlined and green in the resulting translation. Click it and pictures of the possible meanings will come up. Very handy if you have no idea what the person is saying and they could see the images and tap correctly for you.

Currency conversion

If your translation result includes a price, it too will appear green and underlined. Click it to get that amount converted, with the current rates from KEB Hana Bank.

Phrase Book

The app comes with a built-in phrase book, with a wide variety of important and useful set phrases. Choose from catagories like shopping, food, buses, etc. These are built into the app, so they do not require a data connection and work fine offline.

Favorites and Hashtags

Like with Google Translate, you can add your own specific things to the Phrase Book. Sort of. You can "star" specific translations to add them to your favorites list. Then if you want to get intense, you can then go to your Favorites List (located under the "History" menu for some reason) and assign hashtags (up to 3) to each Favorite. This will collect the favorites into groups under those Hashtags. So for example you could add hashtag #triptoUSA to the translation for "Please, don't shoot!" or #bestblogs to "I love 10원Tips" etc.


I was impressed with the quality of this feature. Just as it says, you push, you talk, it translates in real time as you speak, updating and correcting the translation while you talk.

My own comparisons of "papago"

That was all official stuff. Now I'll add some of my own details to fill in the blanks.

Basic translating 

Overall, not bad when it comes to basic translating. See for yourself how it compares with Google Translator in a quick test:

Translation in Naver papago

Translation in Google Translate

I have to give this point to Google, for two reasons:
  • Papago suddenly went from formal to very informal speech. Why? Google played it safe and stuck with polite speech the whole way.
  • "Thanks for visiting" makes much more sense in Google's translation than Papago's. 

Camera OCR translations

To test the image translation feature I wrote out by hand 안녕하세요 샘입니다 오늘 날씨가 너무 더워요 (Hello, this is Sam. Today's weather is too hot) on a piece of paper and used the camera functions of both apps.

papago's visual translation

Google's visual translation

Please excuse my crappy handwriting, but papago seems to have identified it more clearly.

Other screenshots

papago menu

papago settings menu

papago's Android app permissions page

Final Thoughts

I was impressed by the quality of the app and its easy simplicity. Anybody could use it, no matter how limited your Korean, and you'll find it useful and reliable. It could be a real competitor to Google. I'm glad Naver has been moving in this English-friendly direction lately with Line, Band, and V app, for example. Like I've always said, I think Naver's only real handicap in competing against Google is its Korean-language exclusivity, which it's slowly working on eroding.

By the way, it's called "papago" because that means parrot (a creature that talks and repeats) in Esperanto. Well I'll be. Still hate the name. Update: A Reddit user points out that the name "Papago" bears a similarity to AlphaGo, the AI from Google that dominated Korea's Go champion Lee Sedol. I wonder if the team behind Papago, with its emphasis on AI language translation, had that in mind.

Read more about it here in Korean:
한영일중 통역이 필요한 순간! 네이버 파파고(papago) : 네이버 포스트
or here in English:
Naver launches new translation app Papago [Korea Herald]

Download papago

This post took way too long to make. Really regretting wasting this much time on it now. 
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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Operation Chromite showing with English subtitles in Korea this week

"Operation Chromite" will show this week in Korea with English subtitles:
  • Tues 08/09 7:50pm CGV SincheonArtreon
  • Wed 08/10 7:50pm CGV Yeouido
  • Thurs 08/11 7:50pm CGV Yongsan
Sadly I won't be able to attend any of these screenings, so I hope more are released. Check the KoBiz page here for updates to showtimes (and for all other English subtitled screenings) and follow "All in Korean" on Facebook to get notified. They are how I found out about this, and do a good job of keeping an eye on the KoBiz page (which disappointingly, like most Korean sites, doesn't offer a subscription feed). 

US Ambassador to Korea, Mark Lippert, visited the set of the movie during filming and had this to say about it:

What I find particularly interesting about this film, though, is that the exclusive focus is not on General MacArthur, played by Liam Neeson, but instead on a group of brave Korean heroes who participated in Operation X-Ray, the intelligence-gathering operation that made the landing of U.S. forces possible.  For South Koreans, I imagine this movie will instill pride, and it will remind moviegoers – both in this country and my own – just how well our two great nations work together, no matter how harsh the conditions or difficult the mission. [The Lipperts in Korea: On the Set of Operation Chromite]

Here's the trailer for the film:

And finally, if you're interested about the real historical Operation Chromite and the Incheon Landings, check out ROK Drop's informative post here:

The film will also be released August 12 in the USA in select theaters. If you get a chance to see it, let me know how you liked it. So far friends have said it's predicable but still very enjoyable. 

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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Naver shows Incheon Airport departures terminal congestion

Naver now shows a card that estimates the number of people (in real-time!) departing from gates at Incheon Airport by the hour. A basic search will bring up the current conditions at the airport, but you can also look ahead to tomorrow to get an idea of how crowded the gate will be.

Here's the current status:

Naver's info box for Incheon Airport congestion status (desktop view)

I guess the point is that you can judge the level of congestion at the airport beforehand. It lists up there the total number of people and ranks it. In that image you can see it currently at "원활" or a smooth/seamless degree, a.k.a. no congestion, no heavy lines, etc. So you can check ahead of time and know if you need to leave your home much earlier, or can afford some time to spare for those extra twenty minutes of LoL.

I can't really see this being useful for average trips, but it could be handy for high travel days, like this past week's summer vacation time, when the airport looked like this:

A packed Incheon Airport on July 31, 2016. Image: Instiz

On that day, the status looked like this:

Naver's info box for Incheon Airport congestion status (mobile view)

To see it for yourself, search Naver for 인천공항 출국장 혼잡도 or click here.

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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Top Korean YouTube Ads, 1st half of 2016

Because you're just dying to know, Google has released the top advertisements by YouTube views for the 1st half of 2016. Of course I only pay attention to the Korean list.
Apparently the #1 is this ad [KB국민 만능 절세 ISA] 한방에 키워라_김연아 셔플댄스편] by KB Kookmin Bank, featuring Olympic medalist Kim Yuna doing some kind of boxing "shuffle" dance. It got 3,660,725 views between Jan~Jun of 2016. I don't know if this meets the criteria for "sex appeal" unless you somehow can't manage to get your VPN working and this is the raciest thing you can find. 

Because I take my blogging work seriously (ha), I watched them all. Here are some that I felt like were worth watching:

I'm going to go ahead and give honorable mention to Taeywon (#16 - 소녀시대 태연 TAEYEON_검과마법 for Kakao_본편 영상 full버전 60s) of Girls Generation because, dang girl, her popularity sure exploded, didn't it? I'm not a fan of this pure snow white angel concept, but I'm apparently in the minority here, because the sort of guys I sometimes grab beers with are suddenly worshiping her. And before you ask, no, they're not that high caliber of guys haha. 

You can see the whole list here:

→ Korea 2016 First Half YouTube Ads Leaderboard - Think with Google APAC

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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

"The Handmaiden" on Google Play, and my review

I mentioned on Twitter that the recent film "The Handmaiden" (아가씨) is up on Google Play right now. A Twitter follower mentioned that it's not available for him. I've got two Google accounts, one set for the USA and another for Korea, so out of curiosity I checked them both.

Different country-based availability

"The Handmaiden" varying availability on Google Play

1st image: the USA account. The film is listed but isn't available for purchase or rent.
2nd image: the Korean account, but set to English language. It's available to rent or buy in won.
3rd image: the Korean account again, with the language setting back to Korean. Available.
Maybe there's some licensing issues, or maybe they just think non-Koreans wouldn't be interested, at least not until subtitles are available. I don't know, but I think this kind of thing is silly. What if you're a Korean native speaker living in the US? This is why torrent sites are going to remain popular, and in fact it's already widely shared on Korean trackers, in multiple resolutions. But I know you only want to buy a legal, legitimate copy. Don't ask me how I saw it. Let's just say a quick search and about 10 minutes later it was somehow on my hard drive.

My Review

Here's my review of the movie. The biggest issue was that just so darn much of the movie is spoken in Japanese, so it was sometimes hard to follow along. There are Korean subtitles in those parts, but reading them was difficult at times. Overall I was able to understand basically what was happening. The details of the plot seemed kind of complex, but not so much that not grasping them really hurt the viewing. The visuals and acting are pretty good enough to fill in the blanks.

With all the hype I had expected the lesbian sex scenes to be raunchy or over the top, but I've got to say that in context they seemed to make sense and felt natural. I might be saying too much here but I thought the part where they're sort of teasing each other about what the man would do with her, which of course developed into that full on oral sex scene, seemed pretty believable. "Oh what if he does THIS to you! Or tries THIS! Or this! Giggle giggle!". The scissoring was pretty dramatic, but again, I felt like if you were following along with the development of their relationship and the lead up to each scene, it made sense. They certainly have a dramatic, emotional roller-coaster of a relationship, and for every hot lesbian sex scene, there were probably twice as many scenes of them misunderstanding or fighting or arguing. When you consider all the intrigue and back-stabbing intentions of the triangle between the two girls and the man (sorry, I'm trying not to give too much away if you haven't seen it), it all sort of fits. I actually felt pretty sorry for the Agashi overall. I was pretty convinced that I wouldn't want to be in her place. Well except for some of those bed scenes of course.

But you know what? And I might get hate for this, but it overall felt like a slightly above-average typical Korean drama movie, with the required topless fake thrusting sex scenes thrown in. Or did I somehow get an edited copy? Because I sure as heck didn't see any of the "juicy oral scenes" a friend promised. I mean let's get real, this isn't a porno, it's a legitimate major-release film. If you're watching it just in hopes of some female genitalia, you're going to be disappointed.

The ending was not what I had expected, and for some reason left me a bit disappointed. I don't know why I felt that way exactly, it just seemed sort of more cliche than I had expected. Although I have to admit I didn't really see it coming, so they did trick me there.

I know that was all pretty vague, but I don't want to ruin it for you. There's plenty of plot summaries online. Most of them seem to make it sound like some big shocking or heavy thing filled with sadism and shock, "liberating erotica" etc., but at the end of the day it definitely was a Korean movie. So, I don't know, before you write off the movie as just some sex scandal grab at publicity, give it a shot for the story, the acting quality, and the beautiful dreamy scenery. It's a costume drama after all but feels very accessible to a modern audience. I was at first curious to see it again later with the full English subtitles if they ever come out, but on the other hand, I think one viewing was enough.

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