Monday, December 3, 2018

Links from Sept, Oct, Nov 2018

It's time for a massive catch-up of links for the past 3 months. Interesting stuff I read about Korea from Sept through Nov 2018.

To be honest I've just been hoarding these and forgot to post them. I'm busy trying to finish up this year so once again I don't have time to go through and add my hilarious commentary to these links so I hope you're in a reading mood because I'm about to dump a pretty hefty load on you here. Think of it as an early Christmas present. Add the interesting looking ones to your Read-It-Later service and spend a relaxing December leisurely learning new stuff. If they're on this list, then it means I read it and at least went "huh."

On with the links.

Links from September, October, November 2018

Life in Korea, waygookins' interest, etc.

Korean history type links

K-pop related links

Tech and Business in Korea links

Aww / Feel good type links (plus a sad bear story)


Enjoy and have a good start to your holidays folks.

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