Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Links from Feb and March 2019

Here are my recommended news links from February and March 2019. I went a little crazy and saved more than I meant to but they're all fairly interesting and stuff you might have missed. Just skim the headlines really. I'll bring out my personal favorites first. I even added some of my classic commentary this time around. Enjoy.

Links from February & March 2019


All you naysayers, what say you now?

SNI Blocking

Here's a little tip for those of you without a good paid VPN: I'm not going to give you the step-by-step here but aside from the VPN route, a minor consensus seems to be "GoodbyeDPI" and a frontend "GUI-for-GoodbyeDPI" which are both terms you can Google for more info and both are available on GitHub. Just passing on what I've read. That's all. Probably Windows only for now.

The truth about "Kingdom"

A pretty astute observation about the Netflix-produced Korean historical-zombie epic "Kingdom" here.


Cheollima Civil Defense "G-Visa"

I don't know what to make of these guys. With the whole cloak-and-dagger routine in this day and age, they seem like some kind of epic troll. And then with this whole G-Visa thing? So... pay them in nonrefundable crypto-currency and they promise you a Visa to enter liberated North Korea Free Chosun? This sure sounds like a scam to me. Even assuming they are well-intentioned, how on Earth can they presume their own visa system will be legitimate and functional at an international level? Don't they think the US, China, South Korea, will all have some say in this? And just plain selling visas with no criminal background checks? Like I said, this group has "scam" written all over it but what do I know?

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From Twitter

Cherry Blossoms maps

A funny emergency alert that went out...

Looks like I was feeling bitchy about the bad air quality. Like I ever go outside anyway...

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