Monday, June 24, 2019

Naver's Clova AI speaker routines

Naver shared a post focusing on updates to their smart home integration with their Clova AI smart speaker line.

It's pretty neat to see how far these devices have come and just how much they can do. So I wanted to share a few quick examples from their post. Google uses the term "routines" for these strings of multiple separate actions that are triggered by a single custom phrase. Based on this post I'm not sure there's a certain Korean term for this. Google just calls them routines (루틴, not to be confused with 루팅, rooting your device) even in Korean. The post tends to use just 명령어 ("trigger words," your commands) or 그룹 설정 (group settings).

Naver Clova action strings. Image: Naver

It will distinguish specific rooms, must like a fully set-up Google Home. Here's an example programmable routine. You say:
Hey Clova, turn on my room.

And it responds:
OK, turning on plugs (electric outlets) in your room.
Turning on bed lamp.
Turning on air filter.

Clova action reservation times. Image: Naver

It understands timed actions and reservations. You speak:
Hey Clova, in 30 minutes turn on the Roomba.

It responds:
In 30 minutes, this action will be executed. 

Sample routines for Clova smart home devices. Image: Naver

Here's a list of some potential actions Clova can carry out.

AI-assistant routines to match your lifestyle

"I'll be back"
  • All lights shut off
  • Robot vacuum activates
  • Gas pipe shuts off
  • Surge protectors shut off

"Do relaxation mode"
  • TV turns off
  • Living room lights off
  • Plays jazz music
  • Mood lighting tuns on

"Let's watch a movie"
  • Living room lights turn off
  • Lamp turns on
  • Window blinds close

"Good night!"
  • Mood lighting turns off
  • Bedroom light turns off
  • Humidifier turns on

Source: [업데이트 소식] 클로바 스마트홈을 더 알아볼.. : 네이버블로그

I have a Google Home speaker along with a Chromecast at home. I don't really get the appeal of having an entire decked out smart home set-up though.

I mostly just use the speaker thing for playing a few streaming radio stations and podcasts. Thankfully TuneIn radio doesn't seem to have a problem streaming US stations to me here. It's also good for asking about the weather. Interestingly it can even give some general information about the local area. I have it set to English, and I can ask it things like "Where's the nearest hospital?" and it will respond with a Korean address, although the robovoice is obviously reading out a Romanized version of the address and butchers it. If I set it to Korean, he reads it correctly and generally behaves better but the information is still pretty limited to Google's own map info. I've tried to dual-language input, but it sometimes can't tell if I'm speaking English or Korean (maybe that's my fault) but I seem to experience an issue where it will respond only in the main language. Like I'll say "헤이 구글, 아리랑라디오 틀어 줘" and it responds "Sure, streaming Arirang Radio from TuneIn."

I'll sometimes tell the Home device to stream a YouTube show to the Chromecast ("Hey Google, play the latest Wendover Productions video from YouTube on my Chromecast") and it works, but non-specific queries tend to play something random, like asking for movie trailers will end up with it showing me a fan reaction to a movie trailer. The Chromecast itself is great, used with my smartphone or laptop. Otherwise I'd rather just use the remote to channel surf than sit there asking a machine to change the channel over and over.

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