Quickly implement QR code scanning at your business in Korea

It's super simple to set up QR code based check-ins for your business in Korea. Here's a quick tip from Naver on how to do it.

QR code based sign-ins

With the continued lockdowns and restrictions from COVID-19, most public-facing businesses are required to record customers' personal information including names and phone numbers for easier contact-tracing in the even of infections. 

But I still see many small businesses (bakeries, local franchises, small cafes, etc) using paper sign-in sheets. But aside from taking time to sign-in, some customers may use false or incomplete information, and disgustingly, some guys are using the sheet as their own personal little black book, randomly calling up women who've written down their numbers. 

It's faster, easier, and safer to just scan a QR code generated by the Naver app or Kakao Talk app on the customer's phone. And by now most customers have had the experience of pulling this up. I needed one just to visit the doctor the other day. 

But how can you implement this in your business? It's pretty easy. Naver posted this but I'll rehash it here for your convenience. 

Download KI-Pass app

There are a few ways to implement this but the easiest is just to KI-Pass app, created by the Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare. 

Register your business

To use the app you need to login, but to login you need to first register your business. Just input your business name, business registration number, contact info, and you'll need to snap a copy of your business license and wait for approval. 

Ki-Pass business registration

Scan customer codes

Once that's sorted, login and just use the app itself to scan customer's QR codes. Naver offers a printable PDF file for printing and displaying in your business to inform customers of the system and reminding them how to generate QR codes on their phone (literally anybody with the Naver app or KakaoTalk app has this built-in already). 

Ready to scan customer QR codes. Image: KI-PASS on App Store

You don't have to worry about the actual data collection; all customer check-in data is routed to the government automatically and destroyed after four weeks if no infections are reported. 


Obviously this info is more useful for Koreans but there are a fair number of foreigner run businesses out here. Hopefully this might help them run a bit smoother and more professionally.