Naver and other sites' doodles for Lunar New Year 2020

As usual, the Korean portals changed their logos into cute doodles for the Lunar New Year (설날 in Korean) holiday. Naver had three that were especially pretty this time.

Naver doodles

Naver doodles for Seollal 2020. Image: Naver

These beautiful animations were featured on Naver for each of the three days of the new year holiday, which this year fell on January 24, 25, and 26, 2020.

Three beautiful folk doodles for Lunar New Year 2020. Images: Naver

Clicking them brings you to Naver's usual onebox results of Seollal information, including the correct placements and types of foods for your traditional "Paying respect to ancestors" meal table. It includes similar imagery.

Naver's Lunar New Year onebox imagery. Image: Naver

These doodles were drawn by artist Eunho Lee (이은호) and are his takes on 3 classical Korean folk tale paintings. I highly encourage you to visit the Naver Blog page documenting his work, which includes imagery of the original historical inspirations.

🔗 [스페셜로고] '설날' 로고 작업 이야기 - .. : 네이버블로그

You can also find examples of his work on Instagram at

Personally I'm fond of his take on a traditional Korean mask dance, talchum (탈춤):

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Daum doodles

As usual, Daum featured a few subdued doodles:

Daum doodle for Lunar New Year 2020, day 1. Image: Daum
Daum doodle for Lunar New Year 2020, day 2. Image: Daum

Daum also includes similar onebox info results for TV schedules, transportation info, food prep, etc. Notice the cute little mice, as 2020 starts the Year of the Rat.

Daum Lunar New Year 2020 info. Image: Daum

Nate doodles

Nate had an animated logo but it's sort of hard to notice that it's animated.

Nate doodle for Lunar New Year 2020. Image: Nate

By the way, when did searching Nate start redirecting you to Daum? I literally just noticed that all queries entered there redirect to

Google doodles

And here is Google's homepage doodle:

Google doodle for Korean Lunar New Year 2020. Image: Google

And Google's commentary on the doodle:

Today’s animated Doodle commemorates one of the most significant national holidays in South Korea, Seollal, the country’s observance of the Lunar New Year. It depicts the story of the grand race that earned the rat its premier spot in the calendar.

According to ancient legend, an emperor challenged different animals to race through the land to determine their order in the Zodiac. Due to his size, the rat knew it could not cross a river on his own, so he hitched a ride on the ox’s back. But, just before reaching the opposite shore over a river, the rat then cleverly leapt off—winning first place in the race and thus the zodiac calendar!

Often viewed as an opportunity to pay respects to ancestors and elders, this multi-day celebration gathers loved ones together to play endless games of yut and share some delectable tteokguk!

새해 복 많이 받으세요!
Lunar New Year 2020 (South Korea)

Twitter hashtag

Twitter's rat hashtag image for Lunar New Year 2020. Image: Twitter

Twitter as usual had a special image come up, a little rat for Year of the Rat, when you use a special hashtag like

  • #설날
  • #경자년
  • #새해복많이받으세요

Bonus doodles

And here are some more fun doodles for Lunar New Year 2020 that you can share with your friends.

Kakao Friends

Kakao Friends has multiple game promotions for the holiday. 경자년 is the Year of the Rat.

Kakao Friends Happy New Year. Image: The Korea news


Gaming company NetMarble includes well wishes from their promo characters, ironically playing and enjoying an offline game of yutnori (윷놀이).

Netmarble Lunar New Year promo. Image: Business Report


And I saved the best for last. Seollal greetings from your absolute favorite character (and Person of the Year for 2019): Pengsoo.

Pensoo dressed up for New Year. Image: E Today news
 Actually this was for Solar New Year 2020, but whatever. Same shit, different day.

Traffic congestion during Lunar New Year

Finally here's that table again provided by Naver of the most commonly congested highway portions in South Korea during average Lunar New Years hometown travel. Hope you're not on any of these sections today.

You can get this table in text form (to copy/paste, whatever) here.

Top 10 congested highway portions during Lunar New Year in Korea. Image: Naver

Personally, I'll visit a friend's house later today and probably end up being politely but boisterously encouraged to make his son use his English. As long as the bokbunjajoo is flowing, I'll go with the flow too. Happy New Year folks.