Links for Sept-Nov 2023

Korea Herald RSS feeds updated

Hana Bank and other Korean banks to have system outages: be prepared

Update on Hancom Office for Linux - now on Gooroom OS

Lotte World's Flume Ride: A Sustainable Thrill or a Germ-Filled Splashdown?

Harim Foods not having a great media day

OpenRSS feed generating bookmarklet

Get notified with Daum Search on KakaoTalk

Coupang price tracking made easy with AllTimePrice

Popular new Korean app Adot (에이닷 ) records and summarizes conversations, with some key limitations

Exploring TVING as a foreigner in Korea: A Naver Plus member's experience

Naver Maps celebrates Dokdo Day, but not in English, plus Korean portal site Dokdo logo doodles and more

List of recommended coastal bike routes in Korea

Possible origin of the name for turkeys in Korean (칠면조)

Logo doodle roundup for Hangul Day 2023

Logo doodle roundup for Chuseok and Foundation Day (Gaecheonjeol) 2023

Comparing responses from Naver's Clova X and ChatGPT