Saturday, January 25, 2014

Watch current Korean movies with English subtitles at the cinema

To find where you can watch some Korean language movies showing in the theaters with English subtitles (I'm talking real physical theaters here, not websites), try one of these: KOBIZ Frequently check the KOBIZ website ( ). Sometimes this page is blank (no showings listed) and other times …

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Rooting your Android phone in Korea with Tegrak Kernel

PROBLEM : You bought an awesome Samsung phone in Korea, and want to root it. But because it's the "Korean" version and not a US or International version, it's a pain in the butt. Custom ROMs like CyanogenMod don't seem to work. Fret not: here's the easiest way to do it. SOLUTION : In two words: Tegrak Kernel . Disclaimer: Ever…

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Automatically post you Blogger, Blogspot posts to Twitter, no 3rd party app needed

PROBLEM: You have an absolutely amazing blog , but no one uses RSS anymore. Google will automatically share your Blogger posts to Google+ but come on, who actually uses that? You could have your Blogger posts sent to Twitter using IFTTT , but why bother? SOLUTION: Ok, well it's sort of a 3rd-party app. The sort answer is: Feedburner . If you enabled…

Monday, January 13, 2014

Fixing encoding problems with Korean subtitles

So, you've managed to get a legal, paid-for copy of your favorite film , and want to share the moment with your Korean-speaking friend. You dim the lights, turn up the speakers, and hit play, only to have the mood ruined by this: Ah yes, the random characters that ruin any 미드 (~미국 드라마, American drama) viewing. Your face now looks like Hotch her…

Korean subtitles for English movies/TV

Let's say you want to show your favorite English-language movie or TV show to your Korean girlfriend as a prelude to hot sex friends, but her their English is not very good. So, you want to show it with Korean subtitles. But where can you get them? You basically have two options: (1) GOMPlayer or (2) manually download them yourself. 1. GOMPlay…

Friday, January 10, 2014

Korea Times' mobile site for faster reading, less ads

Although you hate yourself for it, deep down you know you prefer the absurd, poorly-edited, barely-news "journalism" of The Korea Times to its serious and seriously bland sibling The Korean Herald . But you hate all those damn flashing ads and don't give a poo-poo about the side-by-side Korean translation. There's just got to be a…

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

What men think about

The title of this book reads: "What men think about, other than sex." Source:

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Elementary schoolboy loses soul

The title on this picture was "김시향과 함께 넉 나간 초딩" meaning something like "soul-departed elementary schooler with Kim Si-hyang ". That face. Those sandals. Priceless. Poor boy looks a little too young for tits this. Source:

Massive loads

Best news article line I've read in ages (emphasis mine): Four artificial insemination plants are set to start pumping out massive loads of pig semen next year.

Seoul Players RSS feed

If, like me, you love: RSS readers The Seoul Players You'll want to subscribe to their RSS feed. It's not featured promenantly on their website, but you can find it here: UPDATE 1: the website is updated infrequently, and this is reflected in their RSS feed. For more up-to-date news, subscribe to their Faceboo…

Friday, January 3, 2014

Korean Trolling example: "Shutdown"

Let it never be said that Koreans don't understand that trolling is a art . This is a cute comic illustrating how one would make an icon on the desktop that apparently launches Internet Explorer, but actually makes the computer shut down. Nice troll. Also illustrates that so many Koreans use IE... But at least we can all have a laugh, together,…

Monthly doses of K-boob exposure

Here's a hot tip from a creepy fan cafe. Bookmark this Google search to keep "abreast" of the past month's Korean indecent exposure pics. Because that's something you want, I guess. This link will pull up all the slow-motion animated near-nipple exposure shots that lonely netizens have pieced together from the past month'…

VICE "Motherboard" says Baidu top in Korea?

Poor use of data by VICE VICE's magazine feed " Motherboard " a few months ago ran a piece  (now here ) on the dominant websites in countries around the globe. It's a fairly interesting piece, with one glaring misstatement, easily spotted to anyone with any familiarity with Korea (emphasis mine): A second map shows the same data but…

Thursday, January 2, 2014

RSS feeds from specific Wordpress / Blogspot searches

PROBLEM: You love RSS and use a reader like Feedly to keep up with your favorite blogs. But, you only want to see posts with a specific label ( Blogspot ) or posts from a specific search ( Wordpress ). SOLUTION : It turns out, you can subscribe to specific RSS feeds just for the posts with those particular labels or from those search results. For resul…