Saturday, January 25, 2014

Watch current Korean movies with English subtitles at the cinema

To find where you can watch some Korean language movies showing in the theaters with English subtitles (I'm talking real physical theaters here, not websites), try one of these:

Image: Drama Fever


Frequently check the KOBIZ website ( Sometimes this page is blank (no showings listed) and other times it will randomly spring to life with information, so bookmark it and come back to it now and then. They have Twitter/Facebook but those feeds are overwhelmingly just film business news.

All in Korean

"Like" this awesome Facebook group "All in Korean: with English subs please" ( Updated way more often than the KOBIZ site.


The CGV site now has a section devoted to Korean films with English subtitles. Visit here for the "Now Showing" page in English, and click on (duh) "English Subtitles" in the banner menu.
Update Feb. 2017: The link is now here.

Lotte Cinema

Lotte has English booking too now, but I don't see a way to filter specifically by movies showing with Eng subs. You'll have to manually check if the film shows with 영어자막. They used to have an event page for these but it 404s now.

Emu Artspace

They show lots of Korean indie films with English subtitles, along with popular artsy foreign films, almost daily. Check out their site here ( or in separate post I made about them here.

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