Saturday, May 31, 2014

Kakao Story now available on the desktop

KakaoStory now has a desktop version via the web called, not surprisingly, KakaoStory Web (카카오스토리 웹). You can find it at

Kakao Talk blog feed (RSS)

UPDATE 2014-09 : KakaoTalk have now launched a full-fledged English blog. The link below is still active though, and seems to focus more on the "fun/social" aspects of the service, while the new blog is more about features/services.    Kakao have their main Korean-language blog here , with an RSS link here . It has lots of information on t…

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Set Naver as your browser's default search engine

To set your browser to use Naver as its default search engine (i.e. it will bring you to a Naver search results page when you type search terms in the URL bar aka "omnibox"), simply add a custom search engine in your desktop browser's settings using this URL string:…