Naver Map app updated with rest stop info, more Clova integration

Just in time for Lunar New Year hometown driving, Naver Map has a couple of new minor features.

Rest stop information

Upcoming rest stop info on Naver Map. Image: Naver

If you are using Naver Map to navigate in real-time, the app will now display an info box for information on upcoming rest stop areas.

The box gives info on popular meals, facilities, and number of parking spaces.

I wonder if that parking space count is live, because I tried to stop at a small one the other day and it was packed solid. I drove around awhile before just heading out.

Clova integration

Using voice commands to call/text inside Naver Map. Image: Naver

The integration of Naver services with its Clova AI assistant continues to grow. You can just say "annyeong Naver" when the Naver Map app is open to initiate commands like calling somebody, and sending a text message.

You were already able to ask it to navigate and to play streaming music via Naver Vibe's streaming service.

Using voice commands to control navigation and streaming music inside Naver Map app. Image: Naver

The Clova ecosystem grows each week.

Just a small post for now. Got a few sitting in the drafts folder waiting for me to finish them maybe this week before I head out for some seollal relaxation. And yes I'll probably use Naver Map so let's see if this rest stop info actually shows up.