Monday, January 25, 2016

Reply 1988's Hyeri is girl from Korea Times' comments section

I don't know why it took me this long to notice this. I was reading an article over on the Korea Times about the next moves for the stars of the very popular and recently-finished Korean TV drama "Reply 1998" (응답하라 1988) or "응팔" for short, as the kids are calling it. I'm scrolling through, really only paying attention to the Hyeri photos, when I get to the bottom and I see this beautiful siren of the KT's always-classy comments section:
Hye Ree, encouraging me to reach for the stars and post the best comment on the KT

Well I'll be damned. I've seen this box for years now, and it didn't dawn on me until tonight that this is Girls Day's "Hye Ree," who I feel was really a sort of nobody back then, in those glorious Lee Hyori heydays. It's that same Hyeri from Girls Day, or should I say Reply 1988 as it's probably the more popular of her two careers now. 

I was curious about what era that photos is from, because it's Sunday night and hey I don't have work in six hours, right? Biggest size I could find was this:

Looks a bit weird, right? Like her dress was just drawn on in Microsoft Paint. But that was big enough to lead me to what looks like the original of that shot:

Heyri from the "Everyday" promo. Image: Girls Day Daily

Huh, well there we go. Looks like the KT grabbed the "fill" paint-can icon set it to pink, and a few clicks later, voilà. This photo apparently came from the promo material for Girls Day's mini album "Everyday". Wikipedia tells me it was released in 2011. So I'm guessing that around 2011 is when the beautiful face of Hyeri, or "Hye Ree," started gracing the end of every KT article. 

So let's check. Here's a Korea Times article from 2010: "2010 boom year for Korean tourism". Hyeri shows up here, but that's likely just the website's coding for today. Luckily the Wayback Machine has an archived copy of this article from 2010. No Hyeri in sight. Sadly, I couldn't find any examples of pre-2011 articles cached by the Wayback Machine in 2011, so I can't be sure precisely when she started showing up. But let's be honest. Who cares? Time to turn in, Sam. 

By the way, if you're interested the absolutely gorgeous beauty that is Hyeri, check our her official and adorable Instagram, or this exhaustive fan-made tumblr that has a lot of shots of her from back in the day, or this pictorial that, well, just take a look. 

Time to visit the sandman. I'll let you guess what your old pal Sam here will be dreaming of...

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