360° YouTube videos in Korea

If you've never watched a 360-degree movie on YouTube, you should give it a try. You can move your Android phone all around and it acts as a window onto the scene-- you see what you'd see if you were looking in that direction. Some of the 360 videos I've seen out there are amazing.

UPDATE 2015-08
Well the word is out. There is now a fairly large number of 360° videos available that are set in Korea, and it is growing every day. I won't bother updating anymore with every single new item I find. Just search for yourself. Some of these are very cool, and if you have a Cardboard viewer (I picked one up for less than $4 on G-Market), are pretty immersive. I like the map below your feet on this tour of Changgyeonggung palace:
YouTube - Tour of Korea - Changgyeonggung Palace, Seoul [360 Video]

UPDATE 2015-07:
It seems even North Korea has gotten the 360° treatment!
YouTube - North Korea 360 Video ( Young Pioneer Tours - 2015 June Tour )
Additionally, big-name boy group Infinite have gotten on the 360 bandwagon.
YouTube - 인피니트(INFINITE) "Bad" Official MV (360 VR)

UPDATE 2015-06:
YouTube user 베레스트(Verest) 360 VR features several 360° videos of K-pop dance rehearsals (among other things), including videos from girl-group Bambino (밤비노, images slightly NSFW). Boy, we are just a step or two away from, well, you know. Here's one of the Bambino videos:

Verest seems to be a new-media contents group, so we might expect more such 360 videos from them. Watch their YouTube page and Facebook page for more. Hat Tip to /u/icecreammachine for posting this.

And, here are some examples from YouTuber LittleKing. One was taken at Herb Island, the other while wake-boarding near what appears to be Cheongdam Bridge (?) in Seoul. The quality on these aren't that great, but you can check them out here (links work best when opened on your Android phone):
YouTube - 360 Degree Video Korea Herb Island
YouTube - 360 Degree Video Korea Wakeboarding 

Another nice example here from inside the grounds of Changgyeonggung Palace:
YouTube - Tour of Korea - Changgyeonggung Palace, Seoul [360 Video]

All of these were found by keeping an eye on this YouTube search for "korea" filtering for "360°". I set-up a Google Alert for it.

There are loads of sites in Korea (palaces, temples, festivals) just waiting to get the full-on 360 treatment. So K-bloggers, get your special cameras out there! I'd love to be able to feature more such videos in the future, and if you do find any other 360° YouTube videos in Korea, let me know in the comments.