Better Inoreader URL string for RSS subscriptions

Here's a better URL string to use when subscribing to feeds in Inoreader which will let you preview the feed inside Inoreader before actually subscribing to it.


I use Inoreader to subscribe to a huge variety of blogs/sites, but many times I don't want to automatically subscribe to the feed. I just want to preview what the site's feed items look like. Get familiar with it, get some data on it, see how often they post, see if its a full feed or a snippet, maybe star or tag an article or two, take it out for drinks, etc.

So I prefer seeing it inside Inoreader and then having the choice of clicking that big beautiful "Subscribe" button, without it automatically subscribing me first. Compare these two examples:

Inoreader in "dark theme" - feed auto-subscription vs. feed preview

If you look at that top image and go "ugh 😠" but the bottom one makes you go "aah 😀" then, like Avril Lavigne, I'm with you. The top image is Inoreader's default subscribe action. The bottom is the one I prefer which you can find below.

Default Inoreader subscribe URL string

If you use Firefox, or Chrome's RSS Subscription Extension, you probably have set it up to use this URL string for handling feeds, which will get you the top picture:

But this is annoying because it means you will be automatically subscribed. Hey maybe you like that.

Better Inoreader subscribe string

But if you only want the feed to appear in Inoreader without subscribing yet, like in the bottom picture, I prefer this string:

Apologies for the sample feed used in the above images. It was the first thing that popped into my mind.

Bear in mind that these URL strings are only useful in RSS feed discovering extensions. It doesn't affect the behavior of the official Inoreader extension.

Happy reading.


  1. Thanks! I was having trouble using the bookmarklet. This resolved my issue!

  2. Thanks, that was helpful :)


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