Naver Maps adds Incheon Airport Maglev Train, Suin Line

Naver Maps made some updates to their map data today, most of which were just routine boring updates and additions. But in the list of updates, these two caught my eye. Click the images to be taken there on Naver Maps. Neither, by the way, show up on Google yet. Start the countdown to see how long it takes for the big G to add them!

Suin Line

First, they've added the extension of the Suin line that reaches up to Incheon station now. Great news for those of you who live areas like Yeonsu and the Inha University area. 

Incheon Airport Maglev Train

Second, and for some reason I find this sort of cute, they've added that new Maglev train that runs from the airport to the little seaside embankment area of Yongyu at the tip of the island.

Maglev train line, from airport to Yongyu. Image credit: Naver Maps

I actually visited Yongyu back in summer, and saw the maglev train doing some test runs. It's a nice little area, but don't get your hopes up too much, it's nothing fancy. But if you're looking for a nice relaxing, slow-paced way spend a weekend afternoon walking along some sand, grilling up some seafood, and drinking the sundown away with a slice of "real Korea" then you could do worse. Enjoy it before the casinos and all that come (if they ever do).

Boy, hopping a silent magnetic floating train to a dingy seaside restaurant for BBQ clams and soju. If I were a poet I'd find something kind of poetic in that. Future and past. High tech and low. I don't know. Something.

UPDATE: The maglev train service was suspended February 23 after an electrical fire, according to Kojects. (Korean news link, seems it was scheduled to restart the next day so I'm assuming it's running again). Yikes. I have my doubts about this whole thing. Sounds good: cool futuristic floating train to woosh around an airport leisure-center island. Very Jurassic World. But seems to me the complexity and extra electricity use of maintaining a maglev line just isn't worth it. I hear it's mainly for demonstration purposes, but how many worldwide buyers would be interested? Is there any demand for maglev tech? I just don't see it, but I'm no expert.