Inoreader can replace Pocket

Quick tip for a great way to replace Pocket with Inoreader:
Make an Inoreader rule to "Add Star" to any new "Saved Web Page"

Now all the pages I used to save in Pocket, I just save them into Inoreader (whether on desktop with the bookmarklet or the browser extension or with the Android share menu). A quick sync with FeedMe before leaving the house in the morning, and all my feeds are synced and all starred items (including new saved webapges) are there offline and ready to go.

No hate to Pocket. It's a great app. I just want as few apps as possible, and want all my items in one single organized and concise location. Sure, you can subscribe to your Saved Web Pages as an RSS feed, but that's not inherently private, and then they're in two locations at once. Sure, you can subscribe to your Pocket private RSS feed, but Pocket only exports the title and link in that way, not the full article content.

This works great for me; give it a try. Inoreader is really one of those things where I go "huh, I wonder if I can..." and the answer is always "yes, yes you can."