Saturday, April 23, 2016

Hani RSS feed back online

Image: Hankyoreh
If you read the Hani regularly, you'll be pleased to know that they seem to have solved the issues with their RSS feed.

Previously, their feed directed to a host at Feedsportal ( which was constantly triggered as an attack page by Google's Safe Browsing feature:
Status of:
Current status: Dangerous is not safe to visit right now.
Site Safety Details: Some pages on this website install malware on visitors' computers.
The feed would function sporadically, and sometimes for days at a time would go dark. I contacted them on their Facebook page and they said they'd look into it. Sure enough, it seems they've removed the redirect to Feedsportal entirely, and their direct feed is working well at:

I don't always agree with their political leanings, but they often have interesting content that other papers tend to ignore or avoid. I also enjoy their often in-depth reports, such as this one that has what is one of my all time favorite titles: [In-depth report] ‘When I ejaculated on her thigh…she seemed to like it’

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