Friday, July 8, 2016

Yonsei library floods!

I just had to share this video. It has a perfect ratio of escalation, and cameraman screaming.

We got a lot of rain this past week here in Seoul, and I just noticed that a library building on the Yonsei University campus flooded, and I mean flooded. Watch this video, it goes from a leaky trickle to full on waterfall by the end.

I'll tack on some news links here, but there's really not that much info (that I see) about it yet. Just some talk about how it might be related to some other construction projects but that seems to have come from a campus student site so who knows. I'm sure more details will come out. The netizen comments are, as usual, pretty funny, ranging from the cute "there's all our tuition money pouring away" to the nasty "typical Hell Chosun, just like the Sewol ferry."

Overall it seemed heavy floods across the country, but not nearly as bad as two years ago and today's a bright sunny sky with Heat Advisory

UPDATE: It's starting to make the rounds in English news too:

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