Saturday, August 6, 2016

Naver shows Incheon Airport departures terminal congestion

Naver now shows a card that estimates the number of people (in real-time!) departing from gates at Incheon Airport by the hour. A basic search will bring up the current conditions at the airport, but you can also look ahead to tomorrow to get an idea of how crowded the gate will be.

Here's the current status:

Naver's info box for Incheon Airport congestion status (desktop view)

I guess the point is that you can judge the level of congestion at the airport beforehand. It lists up there the total number of people and ranks it. In that image you can see it currently at "원활" or a smooth/seamless degree, a.k.a. no congestion, no heavy lines, etc. So you can check ahead of time and know if you need to leave your home much earlier, or can afford some time to spare for those extra twenty minutes of LoL.

I can't really see this being useful for average trips, but it could be handy for high travel days, like this past week's summer vacation time, when the airport looked like this:

A packed Incheon Airport on July 31, 2016. Image: Instiz

On that day, the status looked like this:

Naver's info box for Incheon Airport congestion status (mobile view)

To see it for yourself, search Naver for 인천공항 출국장 혼잡도 or click here.

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