Saturday, November 19, 2016

All the president's dogs 🐢

Just something cute I found out that I didn't know about. President Park Geun-hye has several Jindo dogs, named Peace, Unification, Geumgang, Halla & Baekdu (평화, 톡일, κΈˆκ°•, ν•œλΌ, 백두). Aww. Now those are some cute puppy names. Better than, uh, "Gil Ra Im" 😏 Man I'm a sucker for cute dog photos. Though give me a real sized dog any day over these little squirts.

From Dog or tiger? | Korea Times

Image: FamTimes

What can I say? I like to look on the light side of controversies. If you ask me (and you didn't), I'd say that as a leader, she's not one. But it's more the sinister vultures around her I'm afraid of. I mean look at this photo. This is exactly the sort of life she was used to. Perhaps a bit stunted in that princess phase. But so what? If you ask me (and you didn't), her party should never have pushed for her. It's not precisely that I think she should resign or be impeached. It's more that she probably shouldn't have been president in the first place. But with President Trump on the way, that's a pretty rich comment from me.

UPDATE 2017-2: And the pooches became an afterthought after her impeachment. This bothers me mainly because it calls to mind a general trend of dog abandonment that I never can get over. I mean:
The family of dogs consists of a male-female pair, which Park had received as a gift from her neighbors when she left her home in Samseong-dong for the presidential residence in 2013
Korea Times | Ousted Park blamed for abandoning dogs
So why not just contact those same neighbors now that you're all local buddies again and arrange for them to either take in the dogs or find homes? Terrible.

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