Top 10 non-Kpop YouTube Videos in Korea 2016

Here is the official list of Top 10 YouTube Videos for Korea 2016, excluding K-pop music videos. These all come from the YouTube Korea Blog. Other sites (like AllKPop) have already addressed the popular K-pop music videos for the year, but Google's blog post includes a section excluding those. Here they are with some brief explanations from me.

Top 10 non K-pop YouTube Videos in Korea 2016

  1. [핑크퐁] 핑크퐁 상어가족 외 43곡 인기동요 모음집
    Very popular set of songs and dances for kids. Perfect to entertain your crying baby so you can browse your phone in peace. (Embedded above)

  2. [Newstapa] 삼성 이건희 성매매 의혹, 그룹차원 개입?
    News piece on Samsung's former head Lee Gun-hee, when he was caught on film by one of his prostitutes. Dads are probably watching this on their phones while the baby watches #1 on the TV.

  3. [JOUJUYOUNGTOYS] 콩순이의 율동교실 인기 7곡 모음
    A cute hippo character Kongsooni (콩순이, maybe because he looks like a cute little bean?) singing educational songs for kids. Another one you can let the baby watch.

  4. [Mnet Official] 쇼미더머니5 LIVE 비와이 ‘Day Day’
    This guy (who I want to call B.Y. but apparently is Anglicized as BewhY because reasons) won Season 5 of the reality rap star competition "Show Me The Money".

  5. [KBS 한국방송] 뮤직뱅크 언니쓰 'Shut Up'
    On Korea's "Music Bank" live performance show, the group "Unnies" (Older Sisters)'s perform "Shut Up." And yes, they are truly older. 

  6. [Overwatch KR] 오버워치 단편 애니메이션 '용'
    Character background stories for the gameplay in Overwatch

  7. [CarrieAndToys] 차밍걸스 초콜릿 파티시엘 장난감
    Carrie makes some kind of desserts. Got to get the kids into cooking shows early, so they'll eagerly watch Please Take Care of My Refrigerator later. 

  8. [Mnet Official] 위키드 1화선공개 오연준 '바람의 빛깔'
    A show called "We Kid" aka "We Sing Like a Kid" featured this boy Oh Yeon-jun ripping out the most tear-jerker "Colors of the Wind" version ever. 

  9. [영국남자] 한국 안주를 처음 먹어본 영국인들의 반응?!
    The "Englishman in Korea" himself made the list. Koreans were enamored with how he got British people to taste and react to Korean snacks. 

  10. [JTBC Entertainment] 아는 형님 X 트와이스 '매니저 인사이드'
    Girl group "Twice" were on the talk show "Knowing Brothers" and this extended footage clip showed some scenes that were cut from broadcast (if I understood that description correctly).

You can find these videos on the YouTube Korea channel as a single playlist here.

Naver also has a Naver TVcast version of this list here [] but Soompi did that translation already.

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