Thursday, March 30, 2017

Find Ryan on KakaoMap #카카오맵

Kakao is running a fun and simple contest right now to promote KakaoMap.

KakaoMap 3D Skyview Find Ryan Event! 

(3d스카이뷰 라이언을 찾아라! 이벤트)

Here's how it works:

  1. Find Ryan in KakaoMap's 3D Skyview
  2. Screenshot it and upload it to Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #카카오맵
  3. (Potentially) win free Starbucks

Multiple cute Ryan stickers (50) are shown on the map in multiple locations around Seoul if you zoom in using the 3D Skyview mode (not the plain Skyview mode). Here's my entry:

Kakao Friends "Ryan" appearing in the Gangnam area on KakaoMap

And yes, I sort of watermarked it so you thieves can't just reupload it yourselves. I know your cunning plan. I guess you could just crop it, but come on, get in the spirit and enjoy the contest. I didn't zoom in for this screenshot, but trust me the 3D view is actually very cool and you can waste a good 20 minutes browsing and zooming around enjoying the neat immersive imagery.

Contest duration 2017.03.29 ~ 2017.04.17
Winners: 1000 people
Contact: Winners contacted via Facebook/Instagram Messenger by 2017.04.19

You can see plenty other examples at the hashtags:

"Let's Find Ryan and Drink Starbucks!"

And if you need the app, download it here:

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