Monday, June 5, 2017

Links for May 2017

I can't make up my mind how to share links I find interesting. I've been posting them to my Twitter sporadically, but I'd rather just do it here. Maybe I'll keep this up, maybe not. What do you think is best for a blog? Monthly/weekly link roundup like this? Treat the blog feed like a Twitter timeline: one link = one post? I like other blogs that do this. We'll see.

 Anyway here's some stuff I found interesting over the past month or so.

A funny blast from the past now, all the way back to 1988. I'll let you decide if much has changed:
The litany of complaints about pushy pedestrians, boorish Korean photographers and reckless bus drivers who seem to harbor a death wish for anybody and anything not on their bus, has reached encyclopedic stature in the days since the Games opened.
South Koreans Win The Gold Medal For Rudeness - tribunedigital-chicagotribune
A lot has changed, at least in English usage. Who would ever say today things like:
  • I thought people in the Orient were supposed to be so polite.
  • appears to be a general indifference to one`s fellow man
Sounds almost classically poetic now.

And one of the most interesting reads of the month here:
Lee invites South Korean voters to consider Moon’s rhetoric: “Let’s take a look at Moon’s past utterances and even what he said recently. As a defector and representing a human rights organization made up of defectors, it’s chilling listening to these remarks and feeling the glances of those who share Moon’s views. We defectors feel like we are standing before an executioner. That’s why we are trembling.”
Lee said, “If [Minjoo] takes over this time, we have a ‘murderer’s row’ of candidates that will succeed Moon:  Ahn Hee-jung; Lee Jae-myung; Park Won-soon, etc.  We will reign for the longest haul and conservatives will surely be totally exterminated.” At the time, some conservatives did react to Lee’s half-threatening language. Liberty Korea’s presidential candidate Hong Joon-Pyo said, “That gives me chills. That reminds me of Cambodia’s Killing Fields.”
Defectors Claim At Least 3,000 Will Seek Exile if Moon is Elected: Full Text of Defectors’ Statement for Seeking “Collective Asylum” | Noon in Korea
I tried looking up on both Naver and Google news to see if 이애란 박사 has followed through with the promise to leave South Korea if Moon was elected, but there seems no articles with her mention after May 22. Probably just a symbolic statement.

Still, it always seems interesting to me that when people discuss how the South should treat North Korea, the opinions of actual defectors is almost never mentioned.

And something cute:

"LaLaLand in Seoul"

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