Wednesday, August 30, 2017

How many people have visited Seoullo?

Just how many people have visited Seoullo 7017 - the horribly named elevated garden walk near Seoul Station constructed from an old overpass? It depends on which news outlet you ask.

Conflicting visitor numbers in headlines about Seoullo

Looks like either 3.6 million visitors, according to Yonhap and the Korea Herald's reprint:

Or  3.8 million, acccording to the Hankyoreh and Dong-a Ilbo:

Who cares. I'm surprised anybody wants to visit that monstrosity. I guess I just found it amusing that the liberal-leaning paper is one rounding up. Of course they are: this was a Park Won-Soon production. The slight numbers discrepancy is reflected in Korean headlines too.

I know this is minor as all get, but stuff like this amuses me. I'm always curious how the tone might vary between Korean articles and their English translations. Breezing through headlines to make snap observations like this is way easier. Any reason Korean Hani specifies 3.8mil in the headline, but English Hani bumps it to "near 4 million"? Are the translators fishing for good publicity? Am I insane for overanalyzing this? Probably a bit. 

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