Saturday, November 18, 2017

Naver opens Papago Gym, rewards for contributing translations

Naver's translation program "Papago" has opened Papago Gym, in which users can contribute translations to improve the system, in a gameified way.

Papago Gym promo logo. Image: Naver

To try it, visit and log in with your Naver account. Right now it's only available on desktop.

You'll be shown a text in Korean or English and then a few possible translations. Pick the right one, or contribute your own, and get points.

Papago Gym translation improvement sample. Image: Naver

It's pretty similar to what Google tries to get users to do, such as with their Crowdsource app. 

Right now there's some special promo event where you can get Papago swag. 

I don't know who wants to waste their time with this type of stuff that blatantly is outsourcing a major corporation's work to its own users, but then again I waste precious downtime with this blog so to each his own. 

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