Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Recommended: "US Marine's love in the time of war"

Recommended read: US Marine's love in the time of war

I always enjoy Robert Neff's history articles. This one gives a small glimpse into one soldier's life. I couldn't help but imagine this same scene playing out again today if the North ever really does strike. Sure, Seoul has more bridges now, but it also has vastly more people.

On Jan. 3, 1951, the embassy was ordered to evacuate to Busan. There was no real organized plan ― merely each man for himself ― and Lampman told his young bride to gather up her family and return to the embassy. It was his intention to drive them south in an old Russian truck he had obtained some months earlier.
Lampman, his wife, and a young American named Wabash rode in the front while squeezed in the back were 18 young women ― all embassy switchboard employees. Everyone in the city was making for the one bridge crossing the Han River ― pandemonium ruled.
Korea Times | US Marine's love in the time of war

Read the full thing at the link. Condolences to Mr. Lampman.

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