Top Daum / Kakao searches in Korea for 2017

Kakao has also released their top search terms for 2017. You can find the highlights over on the Daum portal, but I'll list them here in English.

For these lists, I won't bother doing a lot of commentary or explanation, since they're mostly the same as the terms on Naver's list for this year, so if you want some background I'd encourage you to check that post where I tried to explain them.

2017 Most Popular Search Terms on Daum/Kakao

Daum/Kakao's top searched Issues of 2017

The key search terms that showed explosive popularity this year.

  1. 19대 대선 - 19th Presidential Election
  2. 박근혜 탄핵 - Former President Park Geun-hye's impeachment
  3. 김주혁 사망- Actor Kim Ju-hyuk's death
  4. 포항 지진 - Pohang earthquake
  5. 가상화폐 - cryptocurrencies 
  6. 김광석 의혹 - Suspicions over the death of singer Kim Gwang-suk
  7. 세월호 인양 - Salvaging of the Sewolho ferry
  8. 육군대장 부인 갑질 - Abuse of authority by an army general's wife
  9. 살충제 계란 파동 - Pesticides found in eggs
  10. 최저 임금 인상 - Minimum wage hike

Overall top searches of 2017

Daum/Kakao's Overall Top Searches of 2017

Just pure by the numbers, so lots of everyday queries and searches for sites.

  1. 네이버 - Naver
  2. 날씨 - weather
  3. 유튜브 - YouTube
  4. 로또 당첨번호 - Winning lottery numbers
  5. 구글 - Google
  6. 농협 인터넷 뱅킹 - Nonhyub internet banking
  7. 환율 - currency exchange rates
  8. 지도 - maps
  9. 국민은행 - Kookmin Bank
  10. 우리은행 - Woori Bank

2017 Most Searched People

Daum/Kakao's Most Searched People 2017

  1. 문재인 - President Moon Jae-in
  2. 박근혜 - Former President Park Geun-hye
  3. 안철수 - Ahn Cheol-soo (People's Party chairman)
  4. 송혜교 - Song Hye-kyo (actress and half of the "Song Song couple")
  5. 워너원 - Wanna One (idol group)
  6. 김주혁 - Kim Ju-hyuk (deceased actor)
  7. 방탄소년단 - BTS (K-pop boy group)
  8. 이재명 - Lee Jae-myung (Mayor of Seongnam and presidential candidate)
  9. 홍준표 - Hong Jung-pyo (Liberty Korea party and presidential candidate)
  10. 송중기 - Song Joong-ki (actor and other half of Song Song couple)

2017 Top Searched TV Shows

Daum/Kakao's Top Searched TV Programs 2017

  1. 도깨비 - tvN's "Dokebi" ("Goblin")
  2. 이그것이 알고 싶다 - SBS's "I Want To Know," or "We Want to Know the Truth," or "The Its Know It"
  3. 복면가왕 - MBC's "Masked Singer" 
  4. 언니는 살아있다 - SBS's "Band of Sisters"
  5. JTBC 뉴스룸 - JTBC Newsroom
  6. 황금빛 내인생 - KBS's "My Golden Life"
  7. 팬텀싱어 - JTBC's "Phantom Singer"
  8. 역적 백성을 훔친 도적 - MBC's "Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People"
  9. 아버지가 이상해 - Father is Strange
  10. 피고인 - The Defendant 

Top Searched Movies 2017

Daum/Kakao's Top Searched Movies 2017

The names are often different in English and Korean, so I'm just listing these movie's official English names even though you may better know them by the Korean names.

  1. 택시운전사 - Taxi Driver
  2. 군함도 - Battleship Island
  3. 더 킹 - The King
  4. 남한산성 - The Fortress 
  5. 공조 - Confidential Assignment
  6. 노무현입니다 - Our President 
  7. 범죄도시 - The Outlaws
  8. 옥자 - Okja
  9. 라라랜드 - La La Land
  10. 박열 - Anarchist from Colony


Again, I encourage you to check out the Naver version of this list for some background and commentary on these terms. I just didn't want to repeat the same things in this post for the same basic set of search terms
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