Saturday, March 31, 2018

IFTTT integrates with Naver's Clova platform

By chance I noticed this week that IFTTT, the handy service that connects all your services with other services, now has a Clova applet. 

Clova on IFTTT
Check it out here:

The Clova platform is Naver's answer to the smart Google Assistant, and available on Naver's smart speakers lineup. Right now it looks like you can connect your Line account to your Clova-enabled smart speaker, and through this make use of the smart speaker's notifications ability. (Line is a popular chat app made by Naver but growing into a whole ecosystem, i.e. their answer to KakaoTalk and its growth into a whole Kakao branded ecosystem, but Line has more traction in Japan and SE Asia than Korea. Their official Korea blog hasn't been updated in over a year.). So with this applet, you can receive notifications for basically anything on your Naver Wave or Line Friends smart speaker. 

Unsurprisingly, most of the user-made applets available are in Japanese (technically it's Naver's Japanese subsidiary that runs LINE, something like that; I'm no businessman). But the applets can be set up just like any other. Get your Facebook or email notifications on your cute Line Friends speaker. No Triggers yet though, so you won't be able to reply/respond; at least not through IFTTT. I don't know a whole lot about Clova's responsiveness, though for a sample you can take a look at my post about Naver i.

Plus there's this:
The trial version of Clova WAVE has already expanded its services beyond human voice commands, adding features such as fortune-telling, news reading, and a TV remote control function via infrared controller. Now, with the official launch of Clova WAVE, even more functions have been added: the ability to read and send LINE messages via dedicated talk group (the family account), as well as the ability to carry out a casual, naturalistic conversation with Clova, rather than simply asking one question at a time.
LINE Launches Smart Speaker ‘Clova WAVE’ | LINE Corporation | News

You can see all about it -in Japanese- on the official site [Clova公式サイト]. Weirdly, I didn't see anything on Naver for this IFTTT/Clova integration. 

Here are a few links if you want more about Clova:

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