Thursday, March 22, 2018

Some info on "Ready Player One" in Korea

I'm pretty excited to see Ready Player One. I read the book awhile back and enjoyed it, and while the story was good it really could benefit from epic visuals.

Ready Player One info page from Naver Movies

So I did a quick browse around Naver Movies to get some details on it, and figured it might be useful to share some of that info here. So here goes.

RPO release date. Image: Naver

Korean release date:
Wednesday, March 28, 2018

RPO pre-order theater options. Image:  Naver

I tried looking where it might be showing on IMAX, but it seems like they don't have listings yet. Maybe because this pre-sale still? There are two listings for it in 3D with Dolby ATMOS sound, at Gangnam Megabox COEX and Goyang Megabox Baekseok branch. And various other cinemas showing it on normal screens. May have to check back here next week when it opens to see about some IMAX listings. I'm not a huge fan of IMAX but if there were ever a movie to watch like that, it's this one.

IMAX bookings are up, in English via CGV

UPDATE: The IMAX and 4D listings are up. You can even check them in English on CGV's English booking.

RPO promo quarters given out in Korea. Image: Naver Movie

I thought this was pretty cool. Some guy who left a review says he saw it at a special IMAX premier back on March 18th, and as a promotional swag for the film they gave out these free promo Ready Player One quarters. Pretty neat.

Full list of RPO references (in Korean) via Naver Movie

His review also had this neat poster. It seems to list all the various references and Easter eggs in the movie, I guess to help Korean viewers appreciate all the obscure pop culture and nostalgia references. They clearly tried to lure the local audience by putting "Overwatch" and "Starcraft" in bigger font.

I couldn't find this poster version in English anywhere online, so some hardcore fanboys might find this valuable. I can't show the full poster itself here (every time I post movie promo posters, I get slapped with takedown demands from the movies' Korean distributors via Google). So just go direct to the image here.

And the Korean trailer (Eng trailer with added subtitles) is here on Naver Movies.

Now here's hoping I can get some free time to go check it out. 

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