Friday, May 4, 2018

Share and subscribe to user saved locations in KakaoMap

You may have noticed that KakaoMap now has more features for saving your favorite locations. You can organize them into folders, and have certain folders' dropped pins always appear on the map. Very convenient. 

But what's more interesting is that you can now share a folder as a sort of "collection" of saved places, similar to sharing a list of places in Google Maps. 

Promo image showing how to share a collection of locations from Kakao Map. Image: Kakao

This all works in English too. For example here's where I was customizing a shared folder of location points:

Sharing a folder of locations. Be sure to enable "Allow Public Access"

Not only that, but when someone shares a list/folder with you, you can subscribe to it, keeping it alerted and up to date. 

Promo image showing how to subscribe to a locations collection. Image: Kakao 

So go ahead and curate a collection of your favorite Korean restaurants, K-drama shooting locations, spots where you passed out from a soju binge, or foreigner-friendly bars. Whatever floats your boat. 

Note that you'll need the KakaoMap app to view any shared lists. I tried it on desktop and it didn't work with Daum Map. The shared shortlinks just result in a pop-up saying I need Kakao Map installed. A little odd since Daum Map does have its own location lists that work fine on desktop, such as this foreigner-targeted map of famous tourist sites (all in Korean, oddly):

Yes, I know Google Maps has basically had this feature for ever. But nice to see it get ported to KakaoMap, which for my money is absolutely the best Korea map app these days. Anyway, just passing on the info. 

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