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Guide to reporting illegal parking in Korea - How to use the 생활불편신고 app

The Korean government has a special app you can use (called 생활불편신고, "Life Discomfort Report") to report various problems to your local gov office for redress. These problems can include illegally parked cars, trash left out, broken lights, potholes, basically any issue that makes daily life difficult that the gov can do something about.

The nice thing is that the app gets results, and will even inform you of when/where/what kind of action the gov took to address the concern. Think of it like the Facebook "report" button but for real life.

생활불편신고 app

The app is in Korean, but over on Reddit, a user posted a very detailed screenshot guide to using the app. This is a great resource even for foreigners living here, who can take their frustrations to the right authorities all via the app. He did a great job explaining each step. This deserves a wider audience so I'll repost his guide here for your convenience. I won't annotate each step; it's pretty obvious, but I'll divide it into easy chunks. Click each image to expand.

He goes through the example of reporting illegal parking, but once you get the hang of it, you can use it for other issues as well.

Guide to reporting illegal parking in Korea

Step 1 - Downloading the app

Step 2 - Registering the app first time & verifying identity via SMS message code

Step 3 - Providing photo evidence of illegally parked car

Step 4 - Explain the inconvenience (simple words/phrases are fine) and submit

Step 5 - Checking result / action taken on your submission

The app can be downloaded here:

Thanks to u/gavinhudson1 for making this. Go upvote or guild him, and see the discussion of this app over on Reddit:
Report illegally parked cars in Korea [app] : korea

Here's his original post of this guide:

How to report illegal parking in Korea (생활불쳔신고 app)

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