Monday, July 30, 2018

View and convert Hangul (.hwp) files online with Cloud HWP Viewer

Here's yet another simple way to view Hangul (.hwp) files without having the Hancom Office suite installed. All you have to do is drag and drop the document and Cloud HWP Viewer converts it for you immediately all in the browser.

Note: this is one of several methods for working with HWP files.
You may also want to see my other posts on opening Hangul (.hwp/.hml) files.

Cloud HWP Viewer

I noticed over on the Chrome Store an extension for viewing HWP files that you find online. Here's it's store entry page:

Cloud HWP Viewer - Chrome Web Store

It's a small extension (5.16KiB) but the thing is you don't actually need to install it. All it does is pass the file on to the developer's online conversion site when you can access directly here:

Cloud HWP Viewer

So just drop your file here:

It will spit out a clean HTML version of the file from which you can highlight/copy text or just print or save as a PDF. Tables and images all came out fine in my test. Quick and easy.

You can also of course set Google to open HWP files from G-mail or Drive with this viewer to get instant previews. Here's an example comparing how a sample file looked as a Gmail attachment before and after selecting the Cloud HWP Viewer.

Before and after selecting Cloud HWP viewer in Gmail attachment preview

See also: other posts on various methods of working with Hangul (.hwp/.hml) files.

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