Naver Map shows traffic changes during holidays

Here was a neat image Naver posted, showing the average traffic increase and decrease for areas around Korea during the recent holiday periods (Memorial Day, Liberation Day) for 2019. The data is based on big data collected from Naver Map usage.

Percentage change of traffic for Korean areas over some summer holidays. Image: Naver

Unsurprisingly, most of the central and urban areas see noteworthy traffic reductions as people head out of town, and beach areas down south and up in Gangwon-do see big traffic increases. Interesting that Gangwon-do sees such a big increase when the top destinations for the holidays are mostly in and around Seoul or Gyeonggi-do or else the areas down south. Maybe because those other areas already get decent traffic moving anyway, so the net effect on Gangwon-do ends up seeming higher.

Here's their list of top destinations if you're interested. I didn't want to sit here typing it out or translating it, so I ran it through Google and took a screen shot. Sue me.

Top summer destinations 2019 per Naver Maps navigation

Interestingly, Seoul itself didn't see much of a difference in traffic. Maybe people were more focused on a staycation or a 호캉스.