Friday, April 17, 2015

Send/Receive Naver Mail in G-mail

When you've created your Naver account, you may decide that using Naver's webmail client (네이버 메일) is difficult or bothersome, because it is entirely in Korean, and a bit cluttered. I personally prefer sending/receiving my Naver Mail through my G-mail account. 

G-Mail has a setting to automatically forward all mail to another account, but Naver Mail does not. Worry not; it's easy to get all your Naver Mail in G-mail using POP3. The process is super simple.
  1. Enable POP3 access to Naver Mail
  2. Create an application-specific password (only if using OTP / 2-factor authentication)
  3. Add your Naver Mail account to G-mail's POP3 Import settings.
The final step is well-documented online, so I'll skip it here. I'll quickly show you how to do the others now. Seriously, this takes less than five minutes. 

Enable POP3 access to Naver Mail

Log-in to Naver Mail and click either the gear icon or 환경 설정 ("Preferences") 

Click POP3/IMAP 설정 ("POP3/IMAP Settings")

Click 사용함 ("Enable")

Click 확인 ("OK")

That should normally be all there is to it, and you can add the Naver Mail account to G-mail now. And you'll send/receive mail to/from your address to your hearts content without ever visiting that page again. 

If, however, you followed my advice and set-up 2-factor Authentication for your Naver account, you have one more step. 

Create an application-specific password (only if using OTP / 2-factor authentication)

Naver's 2-factor authentication creates application-specific passwords just like Google does

Go to your Naver OTP settings, either by being a chump and navigating > 내정보 > Security > OTP Sign-in (2-step Verification) or go there directly like a boss by clicking on

Scroll down to Application password settings

Pick a name for the app you will use, click "Register", copy the generated password

This will be the password you'll need to use when adding you Naver account to G-mail's settings. 

And that's it!

Sometimes this is so simple, I don't know why I bother doing this. Hopefully someone out there, maybe even YOU, will benefit. If I touch just one person, help one soul do something he couldn't do before, my life on Earth is justified. At your service, sir/madam. 

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