Send/Receive Naver Mail in G-mail

When you've created your Naver account, you may decide that using Naver's webmail client (네이버 메일) is difficult or bothersome, because it is entirely in Korean, and a bit cluttered. I personally prefer sending/receiving my Naver Mail through my G-mail account. 

G-Mail has a setting to automatically forward all mail to another account, but Naver Mail does not. Worry not; it's easy to get all your Naver Mail in G-mail using POP3. The process is super simple.
  1. Enable POP3 access to Naver Mail
  2. Create an application-specific password (only if using OTP / 2-factor authentication on your Naver account)
  3. Add your Naver Mail account to G-mail's POP3 Import settings.

Step 1 - Enable POP3 access to Naver Mail

Log-in to Naver Mail and click either the gear icon or 환경 설정 ("Preferences") 

Click POP3/IMAP 설정 ("POP3/IMAP Settings")

Click 사용함 ("Enable")

Click 확인 ("OK")

That should normally be all there is to it, and you can add the Naver Mail account to G-mail now. And you'll send/receive mail to/from your address to your hearts content without ever visiting that page again. 

If, however, you followed my advice and set-up 2-factor Authentication for your Naver account, you have one more step. 

Step 2 - Create an application-specific password (only if using OTP / 2-factor authentication on your Naver account)

Naver's 2-factor authentication creates application-specific passwords just like Google does

Go to your Naver OTP settings, either by being a chump and navigating > 내정보 > Security > OTP Sign-in (2-step Verification) or go there directly like a boss by clicking on

Scroll down to Application password settings

Pick a name for the app you will use, click "Register", copy the generated password

This will be the password you'll need to use when adding you Naver account to G-mail's settings. 

Step 3 - Add Naver Mail settings to your G-mail account

In your G-mail settings, add the following details for accessing the Naver Mail server:

Naver POP address :
POP port number : 995 /(SSL security)
Naver SMTP address :
SMTP port number : 465 (SSL security), or port number 587 (TLS security) 

UPDATE: As of Feb 21, 2018, Naver has changed their POP settings. Port 110 is no longer used. Update your settings to use port 995 instead. I changed the above info accordingly.

And that's it!