Right-click on Korean websites that block it

Sometimes you want to copy or highlight text from a Korean blog/website, or right-click to save an image from it, but the site prevents you from right-clicking.


UPDATE: these bookmarklets and extensions have a habit of ceasing to work. So please see my updated post here with a better method:

Right click, copy, highlight, etc on Naver blog sites with just Chrome's dev tools

Original post below.


I use this simple add-on for Firefox. One click on this non-obtrusive button in the tool-bar, and the page reloads will full right-click context menu, and easy highlighting of text.

RightToClick :: Add-ons for Firefox

A great and very simple bookmarklet can work on Chrome or Firefox and do the same thing. I just tried it on a Naver blog and worked perfectly. Just drag this to your bookmarks bar:

SourceJS Bookmarklets!: Enable Right-Click on websites that disable it!

I love bookmarklets. Simple, practical, portable, multi-device solutions that should get more credit and should have caught on more than they have.