Saturday, July 14, 2012

Extend SubDownloader beyond 30 days

You love using SubDownloader to download a lot of subtitle files for your media collection, but SubDownloader (for Windows) limits you to 30 days. Other versions do not.

1) Open run (start menu -> run).
2) Type "regedit" (without ""'s)
3) Registry Editor should be open, press CTRL+F (find for something in registry)
4) Check, under "Look at", only "Keys", uncheck "Values" and "Data". Then also check "Match whole string only"
5) Search for "SubDownloader" (without ""'s)
6) When you find it, there should be folder named "mainwindow" under it. Click on it, then change the value of "size2" into "1861826968.484"


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