Friday, July 12, 2013

Update Samsung Sens x05 to Windows 7

I had tried updating a Samsung Sens x05 notebook computer to Windows 7, but each time during the installation process, an blue screen error would come up saying:
The BIOS in this system is not fully ACPI compliant. Please contact your system vendor for an updated BIOS.

After checking the Samsung website, I (sadly) discovered that I was already running the latest version of the BIOS (which had come out around 5 years ago!).

But don't give up!

As it turns out, the solution was very simple.

You just need to disable a feature called "Speed Step Technology" also knows as the "Intel Geyserville III function." In your BIOS settings, change this value to "Disabled" and retry the Windows 7 installation process. Here's what it looks like:

After that, no problems. Other tutorials exist online showing how to re-enable this feature after Windows 7 is fully installed and working, but I honestly haven't seen any reason to try to re-enable it.

My one negative experience is that the computer can no longer hibernate or sleep. This seems a common problem on older hardware running Windows 7. If you can figure out how to get these working on this particular computer, let me know!

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