Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Find the Korean names of foreign / English / American movies

You are chatting with your Korean coworkers at the bar after work. Everyone is going around the table talking about their favorite movie. It comes to your turn. You confidently say "Ernest Goes to Camp" but they have no idea what you're talking about. What was this called in Korean?

Nowadays "western" movies tend to carry their titles directly over into hangul. Thus, Robocop is 로보캅, not 로봇 경찰관. But others have had their titles translated into Korean. Frozen, for example, is 겨울왕국 (Winter Kingdom). This is especially true with (1.) children's movies, and (2.) movies released prior to 2000. What's the easiest way to find these Korean titles?

Simple. Use the Naver Movies site. Just type in the film's name in English, and the results page will list the name it goes by in Korea. Thus you can do a quick check on your phone and explain that your favorite film is called 어니스트 1 - 캠핑 가다 and take in the spray of comically/exaggeratedly spit beer as the shock of someone liking this movie overwhelms them.

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