Yellow ribbon to support Sewol ferry disaster families & victims

You may have noticed this image appearing as Koreans' KakaoTalk or Facebook profile pictures recently:

This is a "Yellow Ribbon Campaign" (노란리본 or 노란리본 달기). The text says 하나의 작은 움직임이 큰 기적을 which means something like:
  • One's smallest movements can make a huge wonder, or
  • The smallest steps can have a huge impact, or
  • If we all do a little, we can do a lot, or
  • The littlest things can make the biggest difference, etc.
It's been adopted as a semi-official badge or "yellow ribbon" (thus the bow-tie picture) of goodwill regarding the recent sinking of the ferry Sewol off Jindo to show solidarity with the families of the lost students. 

Source: 카톡 노란리본…‘노란리본 달기’ 확산 “하나의 작은 움직임이 큰 기적을”


Another one that seems to be popular is this:

 This one features the same text as above, but adds at the bottom 다시 돌아오기만을 기다리며 기원합니다 which is something like "Hoping for your return" or "We're waiting for you to come back" "Wishing for you to come back again."