Follow with these RSS feeds, never miss your K-pop fix

Everyone knows I'm a big fan of RSS feeds. Last year, the K-pop fansite Allkpop removed their main RSS feed as part of their site redesign project. But don't worry, K-Pop fans, you can still follow them with the simplicity and non-clutter of RSS in a few other ways.

Here are some RSS subscription-ready links you can use to subscribe to their content:

Video uploads from AllKpop's YouTube channel:

Posts from their Facebook wall:

Posts from their Tumblr:

Results from Google News (surprisingly accurate at pulling-in Allkpop articles):

Posts shared to Reddit from the Allkpop domain:

I would actually be shocked if there are any K-Pop fans that use such an old-school technology like RSS, but God bless ya if you do, chingu.