Air Quality card in Google Now in Korea

I noticed a new card appearing yesterday in my Google Now stack, an Air Quality card:

Must have been that breezy winter storm that cleared the air, because that seems to be the cleanest I've ever seen it. I've blacked out my location, which was accurate to the "-gu" level.

I quite like this feature, as I used to have a bookmark in Chrome to check out the air quality. I wonder if Google noticed this in my web history and that's why it started displaying the card? I'd be curious to know if any other Google Now users in Korea are seeing this.

It seems the info is provided by the "Korea Environment Corporation"; when you tap the bottom of the card, it takes you to their, how can I put it lightly, 'non-mobile-optimized' homepage.

I did a quick Google search for "Google Now air quality card" and saw nothing in the results. Could it be a new feature? Any one outside Korea seeing it? Maybe a nice little Christmas gift for us Korean Google fans? ^_^