Elote in Korea

I had to laugh when I read this article:

Photo source: Newsis

Home plus, the Korean arm of U.K. food giant Tesco, has introduced a recipe for corn on its website with an interesting name: "drug corn."
The recipe calls for sautéing canned corn with butter, mayonnaise, cream and sugar. [Korea Times]

For those of you who grew up in areas with a large Mexican population, this might sound a lot like the elote that the old grandfather pushing his cart sells at baseball games. Ah, memories... This Homeplus version of "마약옥수수" seems more a ploy taking advantage of recent Honey Butter Mania to promote some imported products (that Tesco canned corn and parmesan), so I guess it's mostly done with corn off-the-cob. Mmm but look at those cobs there... my mouth is watering, though my 동배 is having mixed feelings.

I wonder how long until the chaebols start ripping off the paleteria man? ;-)