Saturday, March 10, 2018

Korean language input added to Google's Gboard keyboard app

Per the official Google Blog and Reddit, Google have finally added Korean language input to their multilingual flagship keyboard app, Gboard.

Previously, Korean input was through a standalone app [Google Korean Input] that did Korean and English. I never liked it because you could swipe to make Korean words but not English. Apparently that's changed now in Gboard. 

Here's a shot of it in action:

Korean input in Gboard. Image: Google

My verdict: I'm not a fan. Mainly because the predictive text in Korean seems kind of wonky. It's recommending me stuff that just doesn't suit the context at all. Maybe I would need to use it more for it to learn. I also dislike how it handles punctuation. And occasionally it misjudges what word/character I was trying to form when tapping. 

Maybe with some work, it could be better, but for the time being what it offers just isn't a good enough reason for me to switch from SwiftKey, which I've used for years with zero complaints. 

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